Playoff Baseball is October

I love football. The NFL season is always great to watch even when there are replacement referees trying their best to keep up with the game speed. And although I love watching the lions every Sunday besides the bye week of course, I come to realize that there is nothing better in October than to be able to watch postseason baseball in Detroit (or anywhere for that matter).

I was fortunate enough to attend both games this weekend and let me tell you it was an amazing experience. I got to spend time with some of my favorite people (hopefully they read this). I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend. However, it was the baseball that brought us closer together and for good reason.

In game one, Justin Verlander showed why he is probably one of the best pitchers in the game of baseball. He dominated the Oakland A’s for seven innings and the Detroit Tigers provided enough offense to get the victory on a chilly night in Detroit. It was a win the Tigers very well needed and earned.

Today game two was a very exciting game, probably the most exciting game I have ever went to in my life. It was a back and forth game, with the Oakland A’s striking first. The game was a wild one but the Tigers prevailed in the bottom of the ninth with a Don Kelly sacrifice fly. One of the most unlikely sources for a big play, came through in the clutch for the Tigers. It was great for Kelly to do that in the game. However, These two games are a lot more about baseball in general but enjoying the company you are with.

Postseason baseball is probably the best thing about October. I love watching the game as the weather gets cold and the intensity warms up. My dream matchup would be the Tigers against the Washington Nationals, two teams that I have come to enjoy for both personal and baseball reasons. There are a few other matchups that would pretty cool as well.

No matter the matchup is though, the road to get there will be anything but easy or normal, because anything is possible in the postseason. And that’s why playoff baseball makes the month of October so special.

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