Lions/Tigers Disappoint Tonight

Well today was not the best day in recent memory for Detroit sports fans. The Lions played a crazy game down in Tennessee and ended up falling to the Titans 44-41. The Lions were down to their last play of regulation and Shaun Hill hit Titus Young on a hail mary to bring the Lions within one. They made the extra point and the game went to overtime. However, in overtime the Titans made a field goal and the Lions failed to answer them, putting the Lions to 1-2 on the season. The defense and special teams were absolutely horrible and I can’t believe they played as bad as they did. If the Lions want to make the playoffs again like they did in 2011, something needs to change very quickly in all phases of the game.

But the Lions were not the only team to let down Detroit tonight. The Tigers could not capitalise on a golden opportunity to take back first place from the Chicago WhiteSox. However, they end up losing both games of a doubleheader at Comerica Park tonight to the Minnesota Twins. The Tigers are now one game back of the Sox but I am personally more upset about something that took place during the game. I have said this in the past but I feel the need to say it again. Jose Valverde should not pitch in a non-save situation ever again. There was no point in putting him in and Jim Leyland decided to put him in. I have never agreed with the choice of him doing that and tonight is the perfect example of why. It seems to happen every time he goes out there in a non-save situation. It is not just him it happens to but most closers in the major leagues. But I think I’m going to explore that topic later in the week.

But let’s hope that next Sunday is better than this Sunday.


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