Fister is stellar as Tigers close the gap

The Tigers have done all they can to make the last few weeks of the season exciting if we want them to or not.  With 12 games left in the season they are now one game back of the White Sox for the AL Central with only the terrible Twins and Royals left on the schedule.

Today, Doug Fister pitched his first career shutout as he blanked the Twins 8-0.  Miguel Cabrera continued his quest for the Triple Crown going 1-4 with his AL tying 42nd home run of the season.  Cabrera is now leading or tied for the lead in all three categories of the Triple Crown, and is likely to take a lead in homers as Josh Hamilton is going to miss at least the rest of this weekend with sinus and vision problems.

With this team still not sure if they want to make the playoffs it will be interesting baseball the next few weeks.  The AL Central race and the Triple Crown chase should be enough to keep fans interested and bring in the casual fans to watch more baseball then they normally would.

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