Cabrera must win MVP if he achieves Triple Crown

Strong cases can be made for multiple candidates for this year’s American League MVP award.  The obviously choices include Mike Trout, Josh Hamilton, and Miguel Cabrera.  Then there are dark horse candidates such as Rafael Soriano, Adam Jones (maybe), and one of a couple of sluggers on the WhiteSox come to mind (Paul Konerko, maybe Adam Dunn). However, I feel the race will and should be over if Miguel Cabrera can pull off the amazing feat of winning the Triple Crown.

Even if the Detroit Tigers end up not making the postseason and Cabrera completes the goal of getting the Triple Crown, then there is no doubt in my mind he should win MVP. Yes the Tigers have under achieved to say the least this season, and have not lived up to any expectations that were placed on them during the off-season. I know that most voters usually pick the best player from the team with the best record but there should be no way that any voter can over look Cabrera and his outstanding numbers. Besides his impressive offensive stats, his defense has been much better then what most people expected it to be.

I am not really sure who is going to win the A.L. MVP award but all I’m saying is that if Cabrera hits that historic mark, I believe he should be MVP. The Tigers have a short amount of games left to try and catch up to the WhiteSox for the division lead. However, if they do catch up to them and Cabrera leads the way and claims the Triple Crown title, it would be a major rip off if he did not win the A.L. MVP award for the 2012 season.

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