Devastating 48 hours gives tonight’s game a whole new meaning for one Irish player

College football fans, if you love defense then the Michigan State and Notre Dame game tonight is made just for you.  Both teams offenses, outside of Le’Veon Bell, have been horrible to start the season and both teams have great defenses.

Their may not be a more talented player on the field today than Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o, which makes his story even more sad.

According to the Detroit Free Press Te’o lost his maternal grandmother on Tuesday night and less than 24 hours later his girlfriend passed away after a long battle with Leukemia.  Coach Brian Kelly said that Te’o will play tonight against the Spartans and had this to say about him:

He wants to be with his teammates. He wants to be with his people that care about him. He’s a strong man, and he’s going through a tough time, but he’ll rise to the occasion.

Te’o is considered to be one of the best defensive recruits to come to Notre Dame, from the Notre Dame website, and has 324 tackles to rank eighth in Notre Dame history.  I think the Spartans will be able to win this game, but every time Te’o hits someone tonight it will be sure to be harder than usual as he will be playing with a heavy heart tonight.

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