Detroit ranked middle of the pack

ESPN the Magazine just put out their yearly rankings for each team in all of pro sports.  The top team overall is the Oklahoma City Thunder, followed by the Packers, Spurs, Pacers and Memphis Grizzlies to round out the top-five (see the full rankings here).

Out of 122 franchises the Red Wings are the tops in Detroit, coming in at number 30, followed by the Tigers (#52), Lions (#56) and Pistons (#80).

The Wings ranked high in on-field leadership, owner, fan relations and the title-track which means the team has or will win a title within the life of the fans.  Their lowest ranking was in stadium experience, but even though the Joe is getting older I still personally think that it is a very nice stadium.  Maybe with these rankings will move along the new stadium deal faster than expected.

As for the Tigers they received their highest rankings in ownership, affordability, stadium experience and title-track.  The lowest rankings they received was in fan relations along with the bang-for-your-buck (BFYB) rating, which took into account wins in the past three seasons per the revenue created by the fans.  It is interesting to note that the Tigers did well in the affordability ranking but poorly in the BFYB ranking when the team did well the past three years.

The Lions were average at almost every category but the best rankings were at BFYB and on-field leadership while the worst was fan-relations.  In recent memory the Lions have had numerous personal foul penalties and Coach Schwartz chased Jim Harbaugh after the post-game handshake so I guess the leadership the rest of the time is still good.

Finally with the Pistons they also were very average scores with the best being the title-track rating and the worst being the players currently on the roster.  Those two things seem like they should be either both good or bad so if these rankings are reflecting the 2004 title they won or the potential on the roster to win another.

I think that these rankings are what most fans would think of when they rank our Detroit teams against the rest of the franchises.  The Wings are one of the top teams in all of American sports while the Tigers and Lions are on the up swing and the Pistons are working their way back to relevance.

But what do you think, is anyone ranked too high or too low or did they get it just right?  Let us know at @DSBloggers on Twitter or on Facebook or in the comments below to tell us what you, the fans, think.

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