Don’t Stop Believing

The baseball regular season is one like no other. It is 162 games long and really test the ability of your whole team for the entire year. There is none like it.

The 2012 Detroit Tigers came into the year with huge expectations and have not really been the team everyone thought they would be. But Tiger fans, don’t stop believing because I believe they will still win the Central Division and make the postseason in 2012. Here’s why I think this:

1. The pitching staff has been really good lately and have been keeping this team in many games. I feel if Verlander and the rest of the starting staff can keep up the good work, then the Tigers will end up in first place.
2. The red-hot Delmon Young could lead the Tigers offense into the postseason by himself but after tonight’s game, the offense came up with some timely hits in the 8th inning. If Young and the rest of the bottom of the order can keep it up, then the Tigers will be just fine.

3. The third and final reason would have to be All-Star third baseman Miguel Cabrera. He has to be the MVP of the American League in my opinion. He has been clutch all year and is leading the league in runs batted in. He’s also very close to leading the league in average, catching up to Mike Trout. It will be a very close race at the end of the season, especially if the Tigers make the postseason.

Those are my reasons why the Tigers will win the postseason. The White Sox will give the Tigers a run for their money from now til the end of the year but I think the Tigers will win the division. It would be very disappointing if they didn’t win, but they are close to making their move. You never know what can happen in baseball. Don’t stop believing.

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