Monroe Could Play Power Forward This Season

As good as Detroit Pistons center Greg Monroe was last season, it is a legit possibility that he could be even better this upcoming season.

With the acquisition of Andre Drummond, this will most likely mean that Monroe will move to the Power Forward position. If true, Monroe should be a bigger force then he was last year.

Here is what he said in a recent interview on on the situation.

 “They basically said I need to be prepared to play power forward,” Monroe told me after a lengthy workout Monday at the team’s practice facility. “They’re looking for at least one of those guys to be ready, so I’ve started to prepare myself to be ready to play the four. We’ve been working on stuff to have me in those positions.”

“It’s very OK with me,” he said. “With us there’s not that much of a difference, anyway. I’m not really worried about the transition. I’ve been playing power forward and center all my life, so I’m comfortable with playing either. I’m comfortable with the ball in the mid-post and at the elbow. Defensively, maybe that would be the only thing – guarding different types of players. I would have to scout more, learn the guys’ tendencies. It would be different footwork, moving your feet more.

I think that if Monroe does move to the Power Forward spot, it will be great for the Pistons. Monroe will face guys that are smaller than him so both his rebounds and blocks should increase. Also, his points should increase due to the same fact. However, it will all depend if Drummond can adjust and produce at the center spot. Because if Drummond can not handle the NBA right away, Monroe will move back to center.

But it is very good to know that the new quiet leader on the Pistons is willing to play a different position if needed. And there is no doubt Monroe and point guard Brandon Knight are the leaders. It might also mean that everyone is on the same page moving forward into what is hopefully a new bright chapter in Pistons basketball.  No matter where Monroe plays, he will do just fine as the go to guy.

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