Keep the kids in the minors

As the Tigers gave away a series with the Rangers, some talk in Detroit is that the kids of the future should start making their way up north to Detroit.  In my opinion, I say keep the kids down south.

Nick Castellanos has struggled in Double-A trying to go from third base to the outfield according to Mike Cooper of the Erie News.  His .301 batting average sounds good, but he is also struggling with only one extra-base hit in his last 51 at-bats and 49 total strikeouts with only one walk.

He has been able to hit with contact in Double-A but will have a lot of work to do before becoming a regular in the lineup with the big club.  He may still become a September call-up but I think he, and the Tigers, would be better served if he played out his time in the minors.

The other main player that could be coming up the pipeline is Bruce Rondon, the hard throwing right hander is currently in Triple-A.  Due to some, let me say ‘controlled wildness,‘ (video via our friends at the Majors Detroit) he will be suspended for five games and besides that incident has had some issues keeping the ball over the plate.

Detroit hasn’t had much luck with players being rushed through the system, such as Jeremy Bonderman and his 6-19 season as a 21-year old.  With guys trying to come through the minor league system faster than they should it may kill whatever mental edge they had as promising youngsters.

Going from a guy who was dominating in every level previously to being knocked around in the major leagues, Andrew Miller and his over 5.50 ERA in two season in Detroit for another example, may hinder their development in the big leagues.  Cameron Maybin also joined the long list of potential prospects turned into under-achievers after hitting .143 in 24 games as a 20-year old Tiger.

I’m not saying that giving these guys a chance this year will turn them into duds in the future, but I don’t think that they would bring enough to the team to warrant the potential damage that could come.  If Castellanos comes up and hits .200 in 15 games or so and Rondon blows a save or three, these guys may think that they don’t have the stuff to make it in the big leagues when really, they shouldn’t have been their at all this season.

What do you think fans, am I over-valuing the concept of failure in a 20 something millionaire or is becoming a Tiger too soon in a player’s career really a damning factor in their development? Let us know at @DSBloggers on Twitter or on Facebook or in the comments below to tell us what you, the fans, think.

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