Keep the ball in the park Sanchez!

The Tigers new pitcher Anibal Sanchez had his first start today against the Jose Bautista-less Blue Jays and pitched pretty decent.  You know, without all the baseballs leaving the park.

Sanchez gave up a season high three home runs in a 5-1 loss but did earn some glowing reviews from his new manager Jim Leyland:

He knows what he’s doing, he’s got some weapons…He got a couple of balls up and paid the price for that but he’s a good looking pitcher. I like him a lot.

Outfielder Brennan Boesch also had high regards for the new starter:

He’s got good stuff, a good idea of how to get guys out…I thought he pitched pretty well. They jumped on a couple of pitches, that was it. For the most part, he looked like someone who’s really going to help us out.

This was his second loss to the Blue Jays this season as he gave up six runs in 3 1/3 innings on June 22 while pitching for the Marlins in a 12-5 loss.  Sanchez’s next start is scheduled for August 3rd at home against the division rival Indians.  Hopefully he has a better outing for the Tigers as he is someone this team will lean on heading into the pennant race.

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1 Response to Keep the ball in the park Sanchez!

  1. Cory says:

    I like Sanchez, great feel for the game and excellent glove. Plus…. you know how you call some pitchers “dirty” when their stuff is on. Think about it haha

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