Infante could be coming to the D, but will he bring some teammates?

The Tigers need to make a big splash at the trade deadline and bringing in a solid second baseman would be a good start.  But Dave Cameron from FanGraphs and ESPN says that the Tigers could bring in Infante along with Anibal Sanchez and… Hanley Ramirez.

Detroit would have to give up a hefty price in super-prospect Nick Castellanos, pitcher Jacob Turner and outfielder Delmon Young.  Cameron says that Ramirez could be played in the outfield for the remainder of this season before retaking the shortstop position in 2013.

Ramirez is one of the best young players in the game, a career .300 hitter who hits with power and has a lot of speed on the base paths.  He is a natural shortstop, but with the addition of Jose Reyes has moved over to third this season for the Marlins.  With two years left on his six-year $70 million extension he would come at a price, but Delmon Young is making nearly $7 million this season and the Tigers would get a lot more production out of Ramirez.

With this deal Detroit would most likely decline the team option for Jhonny Peralta and have an infield of Cabrera, Ramirez, Infante, and Fielder unless Prince becomes the DH then the infield may have a different look.

Sanchez is scheduled to be a free agent after this season and the Marlins may look to move him instead of trying to resign him.  So far this season he is 5-6 with a 3.95 ERA and 102 strikeouts.  He is a career .500 pitcher, 44-44, but has played on some not so good Marlins teams as well so he shouldn’t be punished for the team around him.

As for what the Tigers are giving up, losing Castellanos would be a big loss for Detroit in the future.  But as of right now he is blocked by Miguel Cabrera at third but his bat will be missed in the the Tigers system.

Turner on the other hand the jury is still out on.  He has pitched well in the minors but hasn’t been able to put everything together in the major leagues so far.

Turner would have some value still in the trade market and paired with Castellanos would be the best the Tigers system has to offer in a deal.  With the report being from someone with little knowledge of who would be on the market and how much value the players have to each team I’m skeptical to believe this could happen, but the Tigers have thrifted the Marlins for less before so we will see.

What do you think Tigers fans, is this deal too good to be true?  Would Dombrowski be able to make a trade like this to bring in a talent like Ramirez and would this trade be enough to solidify the Tigers rotation and lineup?  Let us know at @DSBloggers on Twitter or on Facebook or in the comments below to tell us what you, the fans, think.

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