Looking at the Pistons potential Big Three

With the creation of the Big Three in Boston of Garnett, Pierce and Allen the idea of putting three ‘stars’ together on the same team has become the goal of most teams in the league.

Now the Big Three can be created via trades/free agency like Miami and Boston or through the draft like in Oklahoma City.  Without much assets or cap space (or talent) the Pistons went the way of the draft to construct their potential Big Three.

The difference between the OKC trio and the Pistons is the Thunder drafted their three all in the top-four picks in the draft (Durant 2nd in ’07, Westbrook 4th in ’08 and Harden 3rd in ’09.)  The Pistons on the other hand had to draft a little deeper with Monroe drafted 7th in ’10, Knight picked 8th in ’11 and Drummond picked 9th in ’12. All three were picked in the Lottery but none were considered a sure thing and all took a little luck to be drafted by the Pistons as they slipped in the draft.

ESPN ranked the best potential Big Three’s for the year 2016 and the Pistons group of Drummond, Knight and Monroe come in at number nine with OKC being the top dog with the young group of Durant, Westbrook and Harden.

I think the projections are a little low for the Pistons because of the uncertainty of Andre Drummond as a boom-or-bust prospect still, but this could become one of the best cores in all of basketball if Drummond becomes the player everyone thinks and hopes he will.

The Pistons would also have a different type of team as they would be an inside-out group as oppose to the slashers in Miami and OKC and the high-flying Clippers.  The fate of the Big Three rests in the development of Andre Drummond, as does the fate of the entire Pistons franchise and Joe Dumars as well, no pressure.

What do you think fans, is it too early to think about the future this team has or is this all we fans have right now?  Let us know at @DSBloggers on Twitter or on Facebook or in the comments below if I’m excited too early about the fate of this team.

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