What is next for the Red Wings?

After losing out in what apparently was the Ryan Suter and Zach Parise combined package sweepstakes, the Detroit Red Wings are now looking elsewhere to fill their roster.

After signing a few players already, I believe the Red Wings will  try to go and sign a defenseman or two to replace Nicklas Lidstrom. According to the Detroit Free Press, here are a few possibilities for the Red Wings to pursuit.

“With Suter off the market, the next-best options are defensemen Matt Carle and Carlo Colaiacovo.

 Carle, 27, isn’t a great shut-down guy, but he’s reliable in his own end and has topped 30 assists in each of his last two seasons. He’s coming off a four-year, $13.750 million contract (average salary cap of $3.4 million), and, though it’d be a high price to pay, given the dearth of quality defensemen available this summer he probably will command $5 million a season.

Colaiacovo, 29, could be had for less money (he is coming off a three-year contract with an average salary cap hit of $2.125 million), but he’s a risk as he’s been fairly injury prone, missing more than 50 games over the past three seasons with various ailments. He’s got decent offensive skills, which could be further developed from playing in Detroit’s system, but it’s doubtful the Wings would want to commit much term to him.”

As I believe these would be good options for the Red Wings, I feel like they will make a major push towards the Columbus Blue Jackets star forward Rick Nash. That would be an epic combination of forwards if they were to pick Nash up. It would cost Detroit probably a couple of draft picks and a couple good solid players but it would create a dynamic scoring line for the Red Wings. However, don’t worry Red Wings fans, just because they didn’t get Suter and Parise, does not mean the offseason or the this upcoming season is over by any stretch of the imagination. Personally, I can’t wait for hockey season to begin.

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