Dwight Howard is quickly becoming my least favorite player in sports

Dwight Howard was one of my favorite players in the NBA for the way he seemed to play the game like every athlete should.  Big smile, always joking and always seeming to be having fun, like a big kid who still couldn’t believe he was getting paid to play a child’s game.

Now after the past two years of going back and forth on wanting to be on the Magic, then with the Nets, then re-uping with the Magic now demanding a trade and will only sign with one team (shocker…the Nets!)

Now he has become basketball’s Brett Favre, never sure of what he wants to do but is going to tell the media and get his name out with every indecision.  He has quickly fallen from one of the most liked to disliked players in all of sports.

Now word has come out that he might be headed to New Jersey Brooklyn anyway to make a mediocre three with D-Will and Joe Johnson.  But only time will tell if Brooklyn will have the ability to add other players like Miami because those three aren’t good enough to get past the Heat, but they will be names enough to draw people to the new Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn.  We will have to wait and see if that is all the fans want is names and lights or if they actually want a winning team.

What do you think fans am I taking this too far out of proportion or has Dwight finally used up your last nerve for his act?  Should he be granted his wish by the Magic or do they not have a choice and have to trade him to get at least something in return?  Let us know on at @DSBloggers on Twitter or on Facebook or in the comments below on what you think of Superman trying to skip town.

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5 Responses to Dwight Howard is quickly becoming my least favorite player in sports

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  2. herrick8 says:

    For all the backlash LeBron saw, Dwight should see it ten-fold. He sure has acted like a kid: demanding trades, trying to get his superiors fired and the overall lack of respect for his franchise.

    • Robert Stone says:

      I agree I have been really disappointed in the way he has handled this whole thing. Just not the way he should be acting but it has become the norm in the NBA now and it will be up to an owner or GM to stop it I guess

      • herrick8 says:

        Has it really become the norm? Can you think of one NBA player (besides Carmelo) who acted anywhere near this selfish. It is becoming the norm that superstars want to team up, but no one has attempted to kick and scream their way there quite like Dwight.

      • Robert Stone says:

        That’s true, I did over-simplify it, and you are right about wanting to team up. I’m just afraid that it may become the norm that athletes might sign a contract and then do anything they can to get out of it and find another star to play with. Guess it will just be up to an owner or GM to stop this from becoming a norm.

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