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Bowman and Smith coaching for Red Wings Alumni Game

It only seems fitting that Scotty Bowman and Barry Smith are coming back to coach the Winter Classic alumni game. They won three Stanley Cups together as head coach and assistant coach back in 1997, 1998, and 2002. There is … Continue reading

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Keep the ball in the park Sanchez!

The Tigers new pitcher Anibal Sanchez had his first start today against the Jose Bautista-less Blue Jays and pitched pretty decent.  You know, without all the baseballs leaving the park. Sanchez gave up a season high three home runs in … Continue reading

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Rotation, not trade will be key for Tigers

I really like the trade the Tigers pulled off on my birthday. It was a great 21st birthday gift that’s for sure. In fact, I love the trade. They got a second baseman, Omar Infante, who can hit (hopefully no more … Continue reading

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Infante could be coming to the D, but will he bring some teammates?

The Tigers need to make a big splash at the trade deadline and bringing in a solid second baseman would be a good start.  But Dave Cameron from FanGraphs and ESPN says that the Tigers could bring in Infante along … Continue reading

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“Rumble On The River”

If you are looking for something fun to do and want to support local Detroit athletes, head down to the “Rumble On The River” tomorrow night. The Rumble takes place at the Detroit Yacht Club, on Friday July 2oth at 6:30 p.m. The … Continue reading

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Penn State getting the ‘Death Penalty’ would punish those not involved

With the release of the Freeh Report on the Penn State scandal and how far the cover-up went, NCAA President Mark Emmert is forced to consider giving Penn State the Death Penalty. For those who don’t know, the Death Penalty … Continue reading

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Avril ‘not mad’ after contract negotiations fell apart

The 4 p.m. deadline for the Lions and Cliff Avril to make a long-term deal came and passed today, but Avril doesn’t appear to be holding it against the Lions. Avril told the AP that he wasn’t mad after the … Continue reading

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Stafford to get a Brees-like contract?

Matt Stafford made big money on his rookie contract before the new rules came into place with the updated CBA at six years and $72 million total with $41.7 million guaranteed. Due to the fact that his cap number has … Continue reading

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Looking at the Pistons potential Big Three

With the creation of the Big Three in Boston of Garnett, Pierce and Allen the idea of putting three ‘stars’ together on the same team has become the goal of most teams in the league. Now the Big Three can … Continue reading

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What All-Star events really mean for Tigers

Well the last two days have been quite a roller coaster for Tiger fans. On Monday, they watched beloved Tiger Prince Fielder surprisingly win the 2012 State Farm Home Run Derby. He put on a show, has a he hit … Continue reading

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