JV to start the ASG?

The way the Tigers rotation seems to be working out right now, Justin Verlander may be in line to be the AL starting pitcher for the All-Star Game in Kansas City on July 10.

According to John Lowe of the Free Press the Tigers ace will have his last start before the break on July 4, ten days before the game.  As most of the starters end up pitching only two-to-three innings at most, Verlander would also be ready for the Tigers first start after the All-Star Game on July 13.

Currently based on his numbers, 7-4 2.47 ERA, Verlander is a near lock to make the game, but hopefully if the rotation and the weather work out we can see him start one.

As for the All-Star Game, people keep complaining about the home-field advantage of the World Series coming down to an exhibition game.  Well my idea would be to make the league that wins the Interleague series being the one with home-field advantage to start the World Series.

That way it doesn’t come down to an Astros pitcher giving up a bloop single to an Athletic (please don’t let it be Inge) to win the AL that right.  Make the leagues and teams actually earn it on the field themselves.  It won’t help improve the All-Star Game, but hey it’s never as bad as the Pro Bowl.

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