Are the Lions like the Thunder?

In a recent article, the Detroit Lions were compared to the NBA’s Oklahoma City’s Thunder. The two teams were compared in many ways but here is the main reason for their comparison.   

“First of all, the Lions and Thunder both feature three young and dynamic stars, with wide receiver Calvin Johnson being the Lions’ version of Thunder forward Kevin Durant.”

“They are very similar players and people. Durant is 23 years old and finishing his fifth NBA season; Johnson is 26 years old and entering his sixth NFL season. On the field/court, both players are extremely explosive, productive and clutch. Both guys take their game to another level in the fourth quarter. Off the field/court, both guys are incredibly bright, humble and exude class.”

I like the comparison between the two guys. Furthermore, Daniel Jeremiah, the writer, talked about quarterback Matthew Stafford and defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh as the other part of the so-called “Big Three”.  

Obviously, the two sports are hard to compare with each other but I agree with Jeremiah. The Lions still have a way to go on the defense side of the ball but the Thunder aren’t the best defensive team either.  I think both general managers have done superb jobs since taking over for the teams and they show the ability to draft very well. But my question is, does this mean the Lions are going to have a Super Bowl run this year? I don’t think they will (I think they are one more year away) but this is a very good comparison and positive light for the Detroit Lions.

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1 Response to Are the Lions like the Thunder?

  1. zach says:

    lions will fall apart

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