Tigers Should Play Cubs More Often

I never would have imagined Wrigley Field in Chicago getting invaded. And I don’t mean by animals or aliens.

Detroit Tiger fans made it practically another home series on the season with their energy and enthusiasm throughout the three game set.  Lucky enough for me, I was a part of all the excitement that happened in Chicago.

For game one, I was fortunate enough to sit about eight rows to the right of home plate. Sitting around me were mostly Tiger fans, mixed with a few Cubbies. When I noticed this, I looked around and spotted many more people with the old English D on their chest. It was a sellout crowd of about 41,000 people. Throughout the night, I heard let’s go Tigers chants. The atmosphere was electric and although it was a tough loss, (4-3) it was a great game to enjoy.

As for game two, I ventured my way out to the left bleachers. I got there about two hours before the game started and ended up with a second row seat. It is a great view from out there and it was totally worth the wait to sit out there. Once again, game two was a great and entertaining. The Tigers pulled this one out (8-4) and the game ended on a fantastic catch by Austin Jackson as he was running right by the left-center field wall where I was sitting.

Finally for game three, I had a standing room only ticket. It wasn’t too bad and I got to see Justin Verlander throw a pretty good game and get the win. This time all the Tiger fans were chanting Let’s Go Tigers and it felt like most of the crowd were Tiger fans. The fans did an awesome job of letting Chicago the Tigers were in town.

It was an awesome experience and I would love to do it again soon, which brings me to my point.  I feel like the Tigers and Cubs should play every other year. I think it would be great for the people of both cities and it would be nice to see the Cubs come to Detroit. The two teams have a little bit of a history and I think it would be a classic baseball matchup. Detroit doesn’t have a rival from the N.L. per say but the Cubs could potentially become it if they played more often. It is just an idea that should be thought.

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