Best story from the Nick Lidstrom retirement

Chris Chelios was one of the executives on hand at Nick Lidstrom’s retirement press conference and he had a few stories to share about the ‘Perfect Human.’

According to, Chelios shared a story of the good old days with Lidstrom, kids and that ‘idiot Claude Lemieux.’

According to Brendan Savage, Chelios would sometimes put on goalie pads and let his kids and some others takes shots at him during off-times at Joe Louis Arena and before that when he was with the Canadians:

It goes back to Montreal when I was a young kid. We’d have Sunday’s off and I throw on Patrick’s stuff.  I’d have 15-20 kids out there (while) playing goal – and that idiot Claude Lemieux, of course, shooting at my head – and it just carried over to here

Chelios said he continued the tradition with Lidstrom’s kids and that he “love(s) their family and wish them the best.”

Which brings me to this question, does anyone like Claude Lemieux?  He didn’t make many friends it seems in Montreal and sure didn’t make any here.  It can’t be considered ‘piling on’ the guy because Chelios wasn’t here when Lemieux made his famous run at Kris Draper and amped up the Avs/Wings rivalry.

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