Big Ten really loves the Rose Bowl, and it will cost them Championships

On Wednesday Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! Sports wrote an article about the Big Ten and its love for the Rose Bowl and a broken bowl system.  Apparently the Big Ten is giving up a chance to try to get a playoff system in place with semi-final games on campuses because they do not want to break the bond they have with the Rose Bowl.

So basically what this is saying is the Big Ten never wants to win a National Championship in football ever again, right?

Not only have they given all of the home-field advantage, in a sport where home-field still means something, to the Pac-12 and SEC they may even end up playing in some of these teams stadiums as well!

This continues the seemingly yearly play by the Big Ten to make it harder and harder for teams to make it to the National Championship.  After last year adding Nebraska, an extra conference game and a conference championship, the odds for a Big Ten team to be in the top-two of the BCS seemed slim.

In fact, the highest rated Big Ten team heading into the bowls in the BCS was Wisconsin, at number nine.  But if that is the best the Big Ten can offer program-wise I guess it doesn’t matter where playoff games would be held because we don’t have a team good enough to qualify, much less compete.

Look I love watching the Rose Bowl, with the Pac-10 and the Big Ten facing off every New Years Day, but times have changed.  The Big Ten started the concept of conference realignment by adding Nebraska, but now has fallen short in the changing ways of college football.

If the powers that be are finally going to give the fans what they want, why is our conference trying to handcuff the players from doing what they were brought in to do?

But what do you think? Are Wetzel and I overreacting about what is going on?  Is the Big Ten still a viable option for a student athlete who wants to win a National Championship or does this actually hinder Big Ten teams from getting a chance to play in the championship games?  And finally is the Rose Bowl worth protecting to keep potential playoff games off campus in the Big House or Spartan Stadium?

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