Should the Lions Sign Ryan Grant?

After what has been called an interesting draft by some fans, the Detroit Lions have apparently showed overwhelming interest in acquiring Green Bay Packers running back Ryan Grant. He is a free agent and it has been reported that the Lions have made an offer to him.  

According to Yahoo Sports, Grant had this to say about the situation.

“It’s definitely an option, and there’s definitely a good chance. Green Bay said that they want me back, and it’s just a matter of whether or not we can come to terms on something,” Grant said. “I would love to come back. I think everyone knows that that’s my ideal situation.”

“I think that Green Bay is a phenomenal organization, the guys on the team and what we’ve built there in the last five years is something special. Coach (Mike) McCarthy and the rest of the coaches I think are doing a great job across the board. And the community, the fans are the best. So of course, I think everybody knows that I’m a Packer at heart and I do want to stay.”

He went on to say even more.

“But that’s the business aspect of everything. I understand it, and I think both sides do. We’re just trying to move forward. And if we can work something out, that’d be awesome.”

The Lions seem to be making a strong push towards Grant, who is also being reported to be coming to the Motor City on Monday.

I believe this is a pretty solid push for the Lions to make. They are in need of a stable running back situation, whether it be one person or a rotation of backs. With the future of Jahvid Best and Mikel Leshoure up in limbo right now, I wouldn’t mind seeing the Lions make this signing. Grant has been a pretty good back in the league for a few years now and would provide an adequate runner.

Also, I feel like it would be a beneficial move for the team. If they can pull Grant away from the Packers, that is one less threat the Lions defense has to face in the division. Another good thing about Grant, is that he can also be used as a possible fullback. Grant had back-to-back 1,000 yard seasons in 2008 and 09 but got hurt in 2010. He spilt carries with James Stark last season, but gained 559 yards in the process.

 I believe he would be a great fit in the backfield, for the Lions need a power back to get them a few yards on third and short, an area that has troubled them in recent years.

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