Pistons Recent Performance and Rotation

Well, we have seen the best of both worlds this past week.

The Pistons got their butts handed to by the Orlando Magic. We watched the Detroit Pistons destroy a Cleveland Cavaliers team by 39 points Tuesday at the Palace.  Then they come out on the next night and get smashed by the Atlanta Hawks by 32. 

This is an extreme case of a team playing up and down. I don’t know what to believe but all I know there is a lack of something on this team. What that something is I’m not sure and neither is head coach Lawrence Frank, according to an Mlive.com article.

Asked to explain that turnaround, Frank’s efforts at glibness failed him.

“One day you play like a king. The next day you … don’t,” he said. “I guess Atlanta was very, very good.”

But what I can’t seem to figure out is what is missing from this team. They have some decent pieces in place and should only improve in the draft but who knows with Joe Dumars.

So there are three games left in the strike-shortened season, and Frank has been changing the rotation over the past week. But he denied that for being the reason behind the up and down performances, according to Mlive.com

“No excuse, no excuse,” Frank said. “It doesn’t matter. This has nothing to do about experimentation. No excuse.”

I believe the Pistons need to find their identity as a team. They have so many different styles in this season, that they don’t know who they are. But how they achieve that, I’m unsure.

But for the last three games in the season, (all at home) I would really like to see a team on the court. I feel for a lot of the season they have played as a bunch of individuals trying win games single-handedly.  The Pistons play against the Raptors, Pacers, and 76ers. I believe they should win one of those games, if not two.

Honestly though, all I want is for the Pistons to play with maximum effort and intensity. I would like to see the people that will be around next year to play a lot of minutes and show the front office what they have.

 Will this happen? I’m not sure but I know it would mean an awful lot to the die-hard Pistons fans out there who deserve to see that.

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