2012 Detroit Tigers Preview

Today we preview the 2012 Detroit Tigers and how we think that the Motor City Kitties are going to fair this year. We break it down by hitting, pitching, and fielding along with discussing who the X factor will be for this year’s squad. Plus, we talk about the rest of the A.L. Central and how many games the Tigers will win this year.

As for the rest of our predictions for the 2012 season, here we go.

AL MVP: Miguel Cabrera (Rob), Albert Pujols (Curtis)

NL MVP:  Justin Upton (Rob), Joey Votto (Curtis)

AL Cy Young: Jered Weaver (Rob), Justin Verlander (Curtis)

NL Cy Young: Clayton Kershaw (Curtis), Roy Halladay (Rob)

AL Playoff Teams: Rays, Tigers, Angels, Rangers, Blue Jays (Rob), Rays, Tigers, Angels, Yankees, Rangers (Curtis)

NL Playoff Teams: Nationals, Cardinals, Giants, Phillies, Diamondbacks (Rob), Phillies, Cardinals, Giants, Nationals, Diamondbacks (Curtis)

World Series: Tigers over Phillies (Rob), Angels over Cardinals (Curtis).

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