Looking to next season in college basketball and notes from the National Championship

With the big news in Detroit currently being Brandon Inge being named to a platoon-role at second base and three local athlete’s in three days being arrested for pot, I just can’t bring myself to talk about these things.

If anyone noticed the National Championship of college hoops was last night with the Kentucky Wildcats defeating the Kansas Jayhawks 67-59.  Before the last bit of confetti hit the court at the Superdome, analysts were already looking forward to who would rule next season.

Andy Katz and a few others from ESPN put together an early top 25 for next season in college basketball that included four teams from the Big Ten.  Highlighting the list was Indiana at number one, with Ohio State at five and MSU and Michigan at seven and eight respectively.

Now this list has a lot of variables still up in the air as Katz admits, but it is still interesting to see an initial look at what next season holds.

Back to the championship game, Anthony Davis proved that he was the best player on the court by influencing more shots than the Rod Allen drinking game.  But with the entire starting five most likely headed for the NBA, this championship may seem hallow to anyone not rooting for Kentucky.

I think that John Calipari is a decent coach, but I also think that most of his job is completed when his freshman class sign their letters of intent to play for him.  I think he would make a great scout in the NBA because he is able to find these young players year-after-year but Kentucky is willing to pay him much more to coach so I don’t blame him for staying.

I’m still surprised a school with a rich history like Kentucky would let him run his minor league program and replace the roster every season.  But I guess when the school hasn’t won a national championship since 1998 they were willing to do anything to win.  Here’s hoping they get to keep the banners after Calipari is gone.

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