Suh restructures deal to give Lions some cap relief

Ndamukong Suh has made an impact on the field for the Lions and now is helping to make one of the field as well.  Suh agreed to restructure his contract to give the Lions some more cap space this offseason to sign free agents such as middle linebacker Stephen Tulloch.

Suh’s agent Rosey Barnes told Fox Sports Detroit that the amount was ‘significant’ but he would not release the actual details.  The negotiations will not add any more years to the remaining three of the rookie contract Suh signed in 2010 after being drafted second overall.

Suh won’t be taking a pay cut, but will be converting some of his base salary in to a signing bonus which will help lower the team’s number against the cap.  Before the negotiations Suh counted for $10.8 million against the team’s salary cap.

The money saved should help in re-signing middle linebacker Stephen Tulloch to a long-term deal.  Tulloch had 111 tackles to go along with three sacks while playing in all 16 games last season.

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