Rajon Rondo is on the market, should the Pistons be interested?

The Boston Celtics have been falling out of the Eastern Conference playoff race and GM Danny Ainge no longer sees his team as a title contender.  His abilities as a point guard are starting to be overshadowed by his immaturity and the headaches he’s causing coach Doc Rivers and Ainge amongst others.

But should the Pistons be interested in a player like Rondo?  I’m not saying a trade with the Celtics is imminent to bring Rondo here, but would the trade make sense for the franchise?

I think the only players on the team who should be ‘untouchables’ would be Brandon Knight and Greg Monroe.  Now obviously in this situation Knight would be someone who could be moved in a potential upgrade at the point guard position.

I’m not 100% sure that bringing in a guy like Rondo would help this team as much as he could another franchise.  Lawrence Frank is a good coach who has done well with the talent he has, but would Rondo listen or respect Frank if he won’t Rivers?

Rondo may also become bored or frustrated being a part of a rebuilding effort here in Detroit just as he is as the team around him begins to break down.

His talent may be able to outweigh the negatives of his off the court issues.  In 22 games played he is averaging a career high 14.9 points as the fourth scoring-option on the Celtics.  He also has 9.6 assists a game and three triple-doubles so far on the season.

Rondo is one of the best point guards in the league and the Pistons should try to get him no matter what.  With the pieces they have I don’t think they could produce an attractive enough offer on their own to get a player like Rondo, maybe adding a third team to the mix could bring the Celtics the return they’d need.

Personally if I was in charge, I’d offer up Knight, Ben Gordon, Jonas Jerebko and at least two first-round picks to get Rondo.  With him Detroit would have one of the better inside-outside combos in the league, and the superstar player the team has been searching for since Isiah retired.

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