A Look at the Big Ten Championship Race

Well, it might be the first time it has happened in basketball. Heck, it might be the first time in a long time that it should happen.

Michigan fans should cheer for Ohio State on Sunday against Michigan State. But only if the Wolverines take care of business against the Fighting Illini tomorrow night and Sunday at Penn State.

If Michigan wins tomorrow night, then they still have a shot to earn a share of the Big Ten regular season championship. However, the only way they can achieve that feat is with a little help from their arch rival.

There are only three teams left who can earn a share of the title, Ohio State, Michigan State, and Michigan. For Ohio State to earn a share of it, they will have to beat Michigan State in East Lansing on Sunday. For Michigan, it will take two in wins on their part and a Michigan State loss Sunday. Michigan State has already clinched a share of the title.

So for all the Michigan fans out there, if your team wins tomorrow and Sunday there is no doubt in my mind that you should cheer for Ohio State. Earning a share of the Big Ten Championship would be a huge accomplishment that should be cherished by the fans and the team. The Big Ten has become one of the best (if not the best) conference in all of college basketball.

The last time Michigan won a conference championship was the 1985-86 season. So as hard as it is to cheer for Ohio State, Michigan fans should at least try if the opportunity does occur.

As for Michigan State, the title is theirs to lose. They hold their destiny in their hands. If they win on Sunday, they secure the outright title for the first time since 2010 (not that long ago). The Spartans have only gotten better as the season moved along and will most likely be a No. 1 seed come tourney time but you they would love to have that conference title to themselves.

There is no question the Big Ten race has been exciting to watch throughout the entire season. But you better believe all three of these teams have bigger and better goals in mind as March approaches.

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