College update on the court and the field

Michigan, Michigan State and Ohio-something have been in the news both on the basketball court and on the football field.

On the hardwood, Michigan State currently leads the Big Ten by a half a game over both Michigan and Ohio State.  MSU heads to Minnesota tonight looking to stay atop the league and sweep the season series after winning by 16 at home on January 25.

After tonight all three teams will have three games remaining with Michigan having the seemingly easiest rest of the way, vs. Purdue and @ Illinois and Penn State.  Michigan State hosts Nebraska, then at Indiana with a home finale against Ohio State.  Ohio State finishes up with a home game against Wisconsin then at Northwestern and Michigan State.

I think that the deciding game between Ohio State and Michigan State will determine the conference winner, and I think that Michigan State will end up on top.

Now both Michigan State and Ohio State could end up with a number one seed in the NCAA tournament, but would need to win the Big Ten regular season title to solidify that number one seed.

As for the gridiron, Brady Hoke and new Buckeye coach Urban Meyer have been trading barbs back and forth.  It started with Hoke not wanting to call them ‘Ohio State’ and Meyer refers to the Wolverines as the ‘school up north.’  This seems juvenile to some people, but I think that it will keep the rivalry fresh and show that both teams still don’t like each other.

Later, Meyer took it a step further by posting a sign at the Ohio State football building mocking the majors of the football players at Michigan.  It shows that more student athletes at OSU are taking more business, biology and engineering programs than at U of M, but not by much.

Just another reason I can’t wait for November 24, 2012.

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