Prince Fielder Press Conference and Pistons Talk

After watching the introduction of Prince Fielder to the Detroit Tigers today, only one thing stuck out to me. It wasn’t Mr. Ilitch and his responses to any questions, or General Manager Dave Dombrowski’s. The one thing (in this case a person) who surprised me the most with their answers was Tigers manager Jim Leyland.

Leyland is known for his out burst in the clubhouse every once in a while, but that was not the case today. He was very direct and set on his answers. He started off by saying that he wasn’t “concerned at all” about the addition of Prince Fielder. He also said that “it’s my job along with the coaches to put the pieces to the puzzle all together.”

His thoughts on moving slugger Miguel Cabrera to third base. “Miguel Cabrera is going to play third base,” He also said that he feels “comfortable” with the move.

However, hearing all that wasn’t the most surprising thing Leyland said.

“I have spoken to Brandon Inge, and I apologized to him.” Leyland went on to say that the beloved (or hated) third baseman was not the “happiest camper.” I know the fact that Inge is not happy is not the surprising part. What shocked me was the way Leyland came out and spoke. He was very up front and I loved it. Leyland knows this might be his last shot at a world series title and he’s not messing around.

As for the Detroit Pistons, they lost to one of the best teams in the NBA, the Miami Heat by a score of 101-98. The Pistons played with out four players Tayshaun Prince, Charlie Villanueva, Ben Gordon, and Will Bynum.  With that being said, Austin Daye had a career-high 28 points, Greg Monroe had a double-double, and Brandon Knight and Rodney Stuckey contributed 32 points and 11 assists combined.

So my question is, since they played arguably their best game of the year, do they stick with the same players that played last night? I know the answer is no because of the talent those four have, but for the future of this team, they just might want to do it.

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