BCS is just a mess

I can’t take it anymore, I’ve held my tongue as long as I can but I have to join in with the crowd, the BCS is total crap. If someone can explain to me how this system makes sense, please; I’m all ears.

So the way this “system” works we are having a rematch for the National Title tomorrow in New Orleans between the LSU Tigers and the Alabama Crimson Tide. Now this rematch is not from the SEC title game, it is from earlier in the season, won 9-6 in overtime by LSU.

So if Alabama did not even play for the SEC title, how can they be in the running for the National Championship? Then what happens to LSU, the SEC Champions who are now 1-1 against Alabama, do they get another shot (which they don’t) and why shouldn’t they? It just doesn’t add up.

But the problems are far deeper than just the National Championship game, take the loser of the Big Ten and SEC championships, Michigan State and Georgia. Before the championship games both teams would have been invited to a BCS game based on their rankings, but with losses, both fell out and ended up playing in one of the better bowl games this year at the Outback Bowl.

Now how is it fair that Georgia nearly knocked off the #1 team in the nation and end up outside the BCS, while Alabama sits home and ends up playing for the National Championship? The Spartans have the same beef with Michigan staying home and backing in to the Sugar Bowl against Virginia Tech (who will be discussed later.)

How Virginia Tech made a BCS bowl is even more ridiculous, as they lost the ACC Championship game by four touchdowns to Clemson and still were ranked 11 in the coaches poll. How that is possible I have no idea.

Other snubs besides the conference championship losers include #7 Boise State playing a 6-6 Arizona State team in the Las Vegas Bowl, #9 South Carolina playing Nebraska in the Capital One Bowl and finally #6 Arkansas playing #8 Kansas State in the Cotton Bowl. Now outside of Boise State those are pretty good match ups, but based on the rankings in the system we have, all three should have BCS bound.

What does this all mean you ask? Basically nothing, the powers at work made their money, got their exposure and get to continue to control the system. The smaller schools trying to make a name for themselves will continue to suffer and struggle and, in the case of Boise State, join a conference halfway across the country just to try to be a part of the big money bowls.

What could change all of this, a playoff maybe? If the same people are in charge of a playoff that control the BCS it will just be more of the same, then what?

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