NFL Playoff Predictions

This weekend there are lots of sporting events going on in many different sports but I believe the most important ones are the NFL playoff games. So I am going to do my best and give you my thoughts on each game.

First, we have the Cincinnati Bengals vs. the Houston Texans. These two teams met in week 14 in Cincinnati and the Texans escaped with a 20-19 road win. It was a competitive game and the winning score came with only seconds remaining on the clock. This time around I feel it will be just as close but the Bengals will be on top this time. Pick: Bengals by 3, 21-18

The next game is your Detroit Lions at the New Orleans Saints. This game is the most exciting matchup for me heading into the weekend. It’s the first time ever that two quarterbacks that have passed for over 5,000 yards in the same season will be on the same field. Everyone is expecting the Lions to get crushed or them losing close in a shootout. I think that it will be a mixture of both. The key to the game will  be the matchup of the Lions D-line against the Saints’s offensive line. If the Lions can force Drew Brees out of the pocket then I believe they win. Will they do that? I’m going to say they will and the Lions will escape with a win. Pick: 31-28 Lions.

The third game of the weekend is the Atlanta Falcons vs the New York Giants. This should be a really good game as well. This matchup will also come down to the in game matchup of the Giants D-line vs the Falcons O-line. The Giants are getting healthy and have some of the best pass rushers in the NFL. I believe that the Giants will win this game. Pick: Giants by 7, 24-17.

The fourth and final game of wild card weekend is the Pittsburgh Steelers vs. the Denver Broncos. Tebow mania will be going wild in Denver but I don’t think it will be enough. The key to this game will be Big Ben. If he plays well, the Steelers should have no problem winning. If not, the Broncos will make it close. But I believe the Steelers and Big Ben will take care of business. Pick: Steelers by 14, 24-10.

Hope everyone watches the games and enjoys the NFL action this weekend.

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