Lions/Green Bay Recap

I had to wait to write this blog.

I have done everything to not let my emotions and bias get the best of me.
Although I was extremely upset the Lions lost on Sunday. The refs really did mess up a couple of calls including a sure touchdown for Titus Young. Honestly, that was one of the worst calls I have ever seen. All in all though, it was a great back and forth game that came down to the last possession. However, just like every fan and  the Detroit Lions, we have to forget about what happened on Sunday and worry about the Saints on Saturday.

The Lions end the regular season with a 10-6 record and their first playoff berth since 1999. I really expected to Lions to win about 7 to 9 games this year but they proved me and many others wrong and won 10. They also competed very well in most games, something the Lions haven’t done it seems like in a long time.

The Lions are starting to practice this week but Jim Schwartz had this to say about playing the Saints in New Orleans according to Mike Triplett:

“A good team is a good team under any conditions. It’s not like they went 8-0 at home and 0-8 on the road. They are a good team regardless. They have a good quarterback, good skill players, good offensive line and a good defense. The thing that gets lost in this whole offensive explosion they have had is that the most points the defense has given up in the last six weeks has been 20 points. That has been a big part of them getting as hot as they have played. Obviously any place is going to be tough on the road. Saints fans have always been loud and we experienced that on Sunday night when we played down there and we expect the environment to be the same.”

It should be a great battle of two good teams.

On another note, during Sunday’s game at Green Bay, a 15-year-old kid was tackled by Green Bay’s Brad Jones. The kid was sober and was released on a $870 bond. The full story and video can be checked out right here.

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