Bold Lions prediction for the next season

It’s the new year, and it is time for a resolution for one Detroit player in particular and along with that resolution comes my bold prediction.  If Matt Stafford can stay healthy for the entire season, he will break Drew Brees’s new NFL record for passing yards in a season.

Stafford finished the season with 5,038 yards and became only the third quarterback 23 or younger to throw for over 4,500 yards in a season.  Against the Chargers on Christmas Eve he became the first Lions quarterback to throw for over 300 yards while completing over 80% of his passes (29-36, 377 yards.)

He has finished the season hotter than any other quarterback in the league, throwing for over 370 yards in four of the final five games with 15 touchdowns to only three interceptions.

Also this season he has two of the top ten games, via QBR, and the only other quarterbacks who can claim that are Brees and Rodgers.

I think next season with a healthy running game, it could actually improve his yardage totals because more teams would have to respect the run instead of just sitting back in coverage.  Eliminating the two or three bad games he actually had this season would have put him over the top of Brees and Brady.

Get ready for the playoffs Lions fans, but next season holds a lot of potential for record-breaking.

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