Stafford snub from the Pro Bowl

The 2012 Pro Bowl rosters were released earlier today and with two of the three quarterback positions a lock (MVP Aaron Rodgers, and new passing yard king Drew Brees) the final pick for the NFC was up for debate.

The decision was down to Eli Manning of the New York Giants and our very own Matthew Stafford.

Looking at the stats the decision should have been a no brainer for voters.  Quarterback A has 4,587 yards passing, 26 touchdowns and 16 interceptions while quarterback B has 69 fewer yards passing, ten more touchdowns and two less interceptions.  Can you guess which is going to the Pro Bowl?

What if I told you that QB A is fighting for a playoff spot, and may not make the playoffs, next Sunday while the QB B has locked up his team’s first playoff berth since 1999 and has led his team to four, fourth-quarter comebacks of 13 points or more.

It seems obvious that QB B should be on his way to Honolulu later in the year, but alas the voters have found a way to take an easy decision and completely screw it up by naming Manning over Stafford.

Stafford could still play in the Pro Bowl as an injury or Super Bowl replacement if the Lions aren’t playing in the Super Bowl themselves, but Stafford had the better season and deserves to be in Hawaii.

I think this decision has more to do with the team and name on the jersey than it does the stats.  If Eli’s last name wasn’t Manning I think he would have been run out of New York years ago but instead is on his way to another Pro Bowl.

On the bright side, Calvin Johnson was a unanimous selection to the Pro Bowl as he leads the league with 15 touchdowns and is second in yards while Ndamukong Suh was also named as an alternate.



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