Christmas wishes for Detroit sports

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all, and as a sports fan in Detroit this is what I want for Christmas from each team.

First the Lions: make the playoffs.

I don’t care how you do it anymore this year. If you sweep the remaining two games or back in to the playoffs with two straight losses, just do not blow this opportunity.

Next for our Tigers: make a big trade this offseason and include Andy Oliver.

The Tigers need to do something this offseason and I think this is the last chance to get some value from Oliver. I don’t think he has the skills to be a quality starting pitcher for this team so using him as bait before other teams find this out is a must.

Plus the AL is getting stronger with the addition of Pujols to the Angels and the Rangers becoming a true big market club. The Tigers need to make a big move still this offseason.

For the Red Wings: make a move at the trade deadline for a defenseman.

Lidstrom isn’t going to play forever and making a move at the deadline would bolster the defense for this year and the future. Plus with almost $5 million in cap space Ken Holland has space to make a deal.

Finally for the Pistons: amnesty Ben Gordon.

Tom Gores is going to have to bite the bullet and pay Gordon and let him walk so this team has a chance to start rebuilding. The core isn’t that great and needs to be upgraded and have some cap space to go after a free agent this offseason.

Hope everyone has a great holiday season and gets what they ask for, sports fans included.

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