Michigan Cancels Series With Oakland and Tigers Make Trade

I don’t understand.

That was my first reaction when i saw that Michigan coach John Beilein announced the Wolverines will not be playing the Oakland Golden Grizzlies next season. Here is what Oakland head coach Greg Kampe had to say, according to ESPN:

“We live in Michigan, and they are the University of Michigan, so obviously we want to play them,” Kampe said. “He’s got to do what is best for his program, and that’s the decision he has made. I’m glad he was honest with me about it, even if I’m sad about the choice.”

I have grown up liking Michigan, I will admit that. However, I have to fully agree with Kampe on this one. Why would Beilein just end the series with Oakland?

Here’s his quote and their thoughts from umhoops.com:

On the end of a 4-year series with Oakland: “We made a 4-year commitment, and we did it, and it was great… Now you just gotta move on.” Seemed very hesitant to say anything too much about it.

This seems really odd to me. I think the fact they said he was hesitant to say more about it leads me to believe there is something behind the scenes. It will be intriguing to find out what it is if it comes out.

I thought it was a really good game and should be played every year but I am sad to see the series end. I think a nice healthy in-state match-up is a good thing for college basketball.

In other news, the Tigers made a couple off-season moves. First, they signed free agent reliever Octavio Dotel to a one-year deal with a club option for 2013.  The Tigers plan to use him in a 7th inning role before Benoit and Valverde. I could see this move working out well for the Tigers.

In the second move, the Tigers traded Ryan Perry to the Nationals for reliever Colin Balester.  I have seen Balester and he has a good arm just like Perry did. However, Perry was very wild to say the least and Balester is a little less wild compared to Perry. Balester had 34 strikeouts in 35.2 innings for the Nationals last season.

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