Power rankings 12/12

Here is a look at how I see the NFL and NHL rankings so far this season, and where I see our Detroit teams fitting in.

First up, the NFL

1. Green Bay Packers (13-0) Best team in the league by far. Aaron Rodgers is having an MVP type season.

2. Baltimore Ravens (10-3) Playing without All-Pro linebacker Ray Lewis the Ravens continue to roll along. Ray Rice continues to power the offense.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers (10-3) With Big Ben’s health in question their position in the league is in jeopardy. Defense is as strong as ever, but is beginning to catch the eye of the commissioner. A suspension in the final games could cost this team dearly.

4. New Orleans Saints (10-3) If Aaron Rodgers is running the best offense in football, the boys in the Bayou are a close second. Blitzing defense will put teams in a bind, especially of they are playing from behind.

5. New England Patriots (10-3) Tom Brady and the offense are running as smooth as ever. Never doubt the combo of Brady and Belichick.

10. Detroit Lions (8-5) defense came up big when it had to; but was scorched by Joe Webb in the second half. Let me repeat, Joe Webb.


1. Minnesota Wild (20-7-3 43 points) Surprise leader in the NHL right now. On a seven game winning streak and winners of 12 of the past. 14 games.

2. Philadelphia Flyers (18-7-3 39 points) A retooled team this offseason has gelled together quickly. Behind solid goaltending and a balanced offense has led this team to be top of the East. Losing Chris Pronger is a huge blow to this team.

3. Pittsburgh Penguins (17-9-4 38 points) With Sid the Kid out again with concussion syndromes and this team still near the top of the standings is impressive. Marc-Andre Fleury has been on of the best goalies in the league so far.

4. Chicago Blackhawks (18-8-4 40 points) Marian Hossa is having the type of season the ‘Hawks hoped he would have when they signed him. Uncertainty in net hurts Chicago’s ranking.

5. Detroit Red Wings (18-9-1 37 points) It is painful to put the Wings behind the ‘Hawks and Penguins but this teams play in the past week has propelled them into the top-5. Big week with games against Pittsburgh and Nashville.

Look for next weeks rankings to see if the Lions can jump in the top-5 and if the Wings can stay in.

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