Michigan and Michigan State news updates

Michigan State is one win away from their fifth Rose Bowl appearance in school history, but apparently no one is willing to pay to watch.

An ad on Craigslist in Indianapolis was looking for seat-fillers (the ad has since been pulled) for an undisclosed event in the area wearing red or dark green clothing.

Personal speculation is most fans are waiting to pay to go to the bowl game, either the Rose Bowl or somewhere in Florida or elsewhere in the south.

Even though this inaugural Big Ten Championship game is the biggest football game in school history, a win would make the very next game in Pasadena top it on the importance scale.

Speaking of the Rose Bowl and the BCS, if Michigan State were to lose the Big Ten Championship game another school from the area may be picked as an at-large bid for the BCS.

That’s right, 10-2 Michigan is a possibility to be picked for the BCS because of the team’s success on the field and their drawing power for ticket sales.  Michigan is one of the best traveling teams, fan-wise, in college football and would be sure to pack any arena they would play in.

An interesting little piece of news came out after Rich Rodriguez was hired as the head football coach at Arizona.  He took the job, partly because Arizona promised him that they would have a game against the University of Michigan within three years.

With the potential schedules already filled out for the next two years, it most likely wouldn’t be till the third year.  By that third year it would officially be Brady Hoke’s team, with all of the players Rich-Rod recruited having graduated and moved on.

An interesting match-up to look forward to in the coming years.

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