Weekend Preview 11/25

In light of the busy weekend this is for everyone out there, I am going to get a quick weekend preview out there. With the weird scheduling this weekend, I can’t predict some of the games I wanted to but I will pick the ones that have not started as of now. Also, to no one’s surprise, expect a Lions game recap and analysis about Suh in the next few hours or tomorrow.

In the NCAA, both the Michigan Wolverines and Michigan State Spartans play football tomorrow.

For the Wolverines, they have “The game” against The Ohio State University. For the first time in a while, this is a “big” game and should be very close. These two teams are in transitional years but with a win tomorrow, Michigan, under the guidance of Brady Hoke, should be a legit shot for a BCS at-large bid. I feel that emotions will be running high (as always when these two play) and Michigan pulls this game out. Pick: Mich by 6.

As for the Spartans, they will be facing the 6-5 Northwestern Wildcats. In recent years, Northwestern has given State a run for their money. I expect them to do it again this year, but I still believe the Spartans have a lot to play for and will get to ten wins. Pick: State by 7.

The most exciting matchup in the NCAA weekend is LSU vs Arkansas. Not much needs to be said for what this means for the BCS. Pick: LSU by 2.

My upset of the remaining games is Virginia over Virginia Tech. This will be a hard-fought game but I can see Virginia winning because it is at home for Virginia. Pick: Virginia by 3.

For the NFL, the most exciting game of the weekend in my opinion is the Monday Night Game between the Saints and Giants. It is a battle of teams that really could use the win before the stretch run. I think the Saints will pull this one out. Pick: Saints by 4.

My upset pick is the Colts over the Panthers. Although it is a matchup of two teams with less than great records, I can see Indy winning this one at home. Pick: Indy by 3.

Make sure you come back to check out my thoughts on yesterday’s Lions-Packers game and the whole Suh deal.

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