Weekend Preview 11/18

The Thanksgiving season is upon us in full force and there is nothing I like better than eating great food with my family, watching football, and going hunting.  Three fantastic things in life that make this time of year awesome.  Anyways, let’s get the preview started.

First off, in Major League Baseball, we have a few new developments. The Tigers have agreed to sign catcher Gerald Laird (again). This time around, Laird is set to back up the A.L. starting All-Star catcher Alex Avila.  Don’t really like the signing but I understand why they did it. Laird also brings some comic relief to the ballpark. (take a look at his picture from the last time he was here). Just my thoughts.

Also in the MLB, we have the Astros now moving to the A.L. West by 2013. I believe this move should have been made a long time ago.  It will be great to see each league have 15 teams and the Texas-Houston rivalry get heated up under the sun in Texas. Plus, MLB announced that there will be a fifth playoff team had to the mix as soon as next year. Pretty exciting to say the least but it should be no more than five teams from each league in the playoffs. More on that as it develops.

Now for my picks:

In the Big House this weekend we have the Michigan Wolverines vs. Nebraska Cornhuskers. This is a huge game in the Big Ten’s Legends division. It is a must win for both squads but it won’t mean a lot if the Michigan State Spartans win. I feel like this will be a great game and a great finish. Pick: Neb by 2.

As for the Spartans, they are facing the Indiana Hoosiers who are 1-9 on the year and winless in the Big Ten. I honestly can’t see the Spartans losing this game. The win will put them one step closer to the division title Pick: Spartans by 23.

My most exciting matchup for the week will have to be Oklahoma vs. Baylor. I can see these teams putting up lots of points and playing little defense. Pick: Oklahoma by 10.

My upset pick was going to be SMU over Houston until I found out that Zach Line is reportedly done for the rest of the year. Line is a local guy (Oxford High School) and was having a great season.  However, I’m going to take a risk and still say SMU gets the W. Pick: SMU by 3.

For the Detroit Lions, they are coming off a terrible game against the Bears. They will look to rebound against the 2-7 Carolina Panthers. The game is at Ford Field and I expect the Lions to play extremely well and show this town they are not a fluke and can win the games they are expected to. Pick: Lions by 8.

As for my most exciting game in the NFL, it has to be Baltimore playing Cincinnati. The Ravens are coming off a tough loss at Seattle. The Bengals are coming a close loss to Pittsburgh, so both teams are in need of a win. Pick: Ravens by 4.

My upset pick of the week is San Diego over Chicago. I feel the Chargers are in desperate need of a win and they can surprise the upstart Bears. Pick: Chargers by 3.

Have a safe, sports filled and nice turkey stuffed holiday everyone.

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