Justin Verlander Wins A.L. Cy Young

Well, today’s announcement didn’t surprise anyone. Justin Verlander won the 2011 A.L. Cy Young. He had an impressive season this past year, going 24-5 in the regular season. Oh, and by the way, he won the pitching version of the Triple Crown.

Verlander had a lot to say about the award, in an interview with ESPN.

“If you had told me at the beginning of the year that I had the chance to win the MVP and be a unanimous Cy Young winner, it would have blown my mind,” he said in an ESPN “SportsCenter” interview Tuesday.”

He won the award unanimously with 196 points and the second place finished was Jered Weaver with 97 points. Although nobody did, honestly, I don’t see how anybody could vote against Verlander. I think Cy Young would have voted for him if he had a vote.

With the Cy Young wrapped up, Verlander is now in the running for the MVP voting. In the same interview with ESPN, he had this to say.

“Do I think it’s possible? Yes. Would I like to win it? Of course,” Verlander said during a conference call from his home in Virginia. “It’s kind of a weird scenario.”

“Pitchers are on the ballot,” he said. Bolstering the case of all pitchers, Verlander pointed to “the tremendous effect we have on the day of our game.”

However, Verlander wasn’t the only Tiger to receive votes today. Tigers closer Jose Valverde went perfect in save opportunities. He finished in 5th place with a total of 28 points.

Here is what General Manager Dave Dombrowski had to say about Justin Verlander.

He’s a real special player who means a lot to our community,” Dombrowski explained at the MLB General Manager Meetings in Milwaukee. “He’s been a Tiger since the day he was drafted and he’ll be with us for a long time.”

As for other Tigers news, they have not done much with the signing or trading players so far.  So while they try to figure out who to sign and trade, I will be patiently waiting for next Tuesday when the league announces the MVP award.

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