Weekend Preview 11/11

The magical day of 11/11/11 is here for the one and only time this decade. Many people will be making wishes today but not all will come true.  This weekend is not as exciting in college football or the NFL but I am going to pick the best games that I can.

Let’s get started:

In college, the Michigan State Spartans are playing at Iowa. Now I would say this game should be an easy win for the Spartans but two things prove otherwise. 1. State has been awful on the road this season, with their only road win coming against Ohio State 10-7. 2. Iowa is a tough place to play in the Big Ten season. Although I usually go with the favorite, im going to pick the home team. Pick: Iowa by 3.

As for the Michigan Wolverines, they are traveling to Illinois. This is also a tough matchup and Michigan hasn’t looked all that good on the road. However, since they already lost to Iowa last week, I believe that the Wolverines will get the victory. Pick: Mich by 4.

The most exciting matchup across the country is Stanford and Oregon. This Pac-12 battle has big BCS implications It starts at 8 p.m. on ABC. Pick: Stanford by 6.

My upset of the week in the NCAA is Minnesota over Wisconsin. Minnesota looked decent against the upstart Spartans and I wouldn’t be surprised if they pull this off. Pick: Minnesota by 3.

As for the NFL, the Detroit Lions go to the Chicago Bears for a NFC North battle. The Lions are coming off a bye week and the Bears are coming off a huge win against the Eagles. Look for this to be a very exciting and competitive matchup. Pick: Lions by 3.

The most exciting game this weekend in the NFL is the Jets vs the Patriots. This has been a classic fight between these two teams for a few years now. Look for this Sunday night football matchup to be another good one. Pick: Pats by 5.

My upset pick of the week is Cincinnati Bengals over the Pittsburgh Steelers. I feel the Bengals have been playing well and this game is in their house. I feel they will steal the W. Pick: Bengals by 1.

Everyone have a safe and happy weekend and remember to wish a lot today!

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