David Wright headed to Detroit?

The New York Post reported over the weekend that the Mets are looking to move third baseman David Wright.  It is reported that in return the Mets would want a young, defensive-oriented center fielder and two young arms in return, which is two things our Detroit Tigers have.

In New York they know the Mets are currently a mess and are trying to move on from both David Wright and Jose Reyes, and the team currently has little hope of catching the Phillies until age starts to catch up with Philadelphia.  So the Mets would be right in looking for minor league pitching and a young outfielder to build around.

Austin Jackson is a player I’d be willing to give up for a guy like David Wright.  Two of our biggest offensive holes are at third base and the lead-off position.  Acquiring Wright would fill the third base hole and with an opening at centerfield we could acquire a more natural lead-off hitter either in free agency or via another trade.

One free agent I would look to fill the gap left by trading Jackson would be Grady Sizemore, formerly of the Indians.  Sizemore has had some recent injury issues, but when healthy he was the best player on the Indians night in and night out.  He also was the teams lead-off hitter, so plugging him into that role should not be an issue.

Now for the young pitching prospects the only name I would not want to see go would be Andy Oliver, he would be a complete deal-breaker to me.  But other than Oliver, any pitchers the Tigers should be willing to part with.

So what do you think Tigers fans?  Which combination would make the Tigers a better team, Austin Jackson and a platoon of Brandon Inge and Don Kelly at third base or possibly Grady Sizemore and David Wright?

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