Remembering Joe Frazier and Penn State Mess

I usually don’t write about national events in the blog but I feel like these two events are special enough to write about. These are two huge events in the sports world for many reasons, mostly bad though. In fairness we can celebrate a life of a great boxer. However, the death (or close to death) of a clean program in college football is very sad to see.

First off, the death of Joe Frazier at the age of 67 was a sad one. He had been battling liver cancer for a short time. The former great boxer is most famous for his battles with the one and only Muhammad Ali. They fought three times during his career, with Frazier beating him one time. However, Frazier was the first guy to beat Ali.

In the story from ESPN, Ali said this:

“I will always remember Joe with respect and admiration,” Ali said in a statement. “My sympathy goes out to his family and loved ones.”

As for Frazier himself, he recalled the fight at Madison Square Garden very well, 40 years after it happened, according to ESPN.

“The night at the Garden 40 years ago remained fresh in Frazier’s mind as he talked about his life, career and relationship with Ali a few months before he died.”

“I can’t go nowhere where it’s not mentioned,” he told The Associated Press. “That was the greatest thing that ever happened in my life.”

It is depressing to watch an icon disappear so quickly. R.I.P. Joe

As for the Penn State scandal, it looks like a legends coaching career maybe be over. Today, the Penn State trustees talked on the phone and they planned to meet in person tomorrow to discuss the future of long time head coach Joe Paterno.

According to ESPN, no one has asked him to step down as of today, but I feel like he will be a casualty of circumstances. I feel terrible for Jo Pa if he has to resign. However, I hope Jerry Sandusky gets what he deserves and receives LIFE IN PRISON. That’s all I have to say.

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