Suh Meets with Commissioner Goodell

These past two years, Ndamukong Suh has changed the way the Detroit Lions play the game of football on defense. He may now be changing the way that players handle their business with the commissioner.

Suh met with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell yesterday to discuss and clear up any issues with Suh’s play. Here is what Suh had to say, according to Yahoo sports.

“I have gained a better understanding how I need to continue to play the game to
help my team win,” Suh said in a statement. “I look forward to the rest of the
season and doing everything we can to bring the Lombardi Trophy to Detroit.”

As for the commissioner, he here is what he had to say about the meeting.

“Ndamukong plays the game with great skill and passion and is a major reason for
the Lions’ success this year,” Goodell said in a statement. “In the course of
our dialogue today, we reviewed video showing that Ndamukong has clearly made
the adjustments to play consistently within the rules so that he can continue to
help the team. We commend Ndamukong’s leadership in taking the initiative to
schedule today’s meeting.”

So this meeting seems like it was productive for both sides. I wouldn’t be surprised for Suh to still being tough and mean but he will be within the rules now. The Lions have a bye week this week but will face the Chicago Bears in Chicago on November 13th.

In other news, Defensive End Cliff Avril received the NFC Defensive player of the week award. He recorded three tackles, two sacks, and forced two fumbles, with one leading to his first career touchdown. Congrats to Cliff and hopefully the Lions will continue to play well and make the playoffs this season, even though they have a tough remaining schedule.

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