Tigers roster update

After an hour-long meeting with the media, GM Dave Dombrowski cleared up a few issues with the Tigers roster.  Most importantly, the fact that a starting second baseman is the top of the priority list and that Victor Martinez will be the full-time DH.

Dombrowski also said that two long-time Tigers will “most likely” not be back next season in Magglio Ordonez and Carlos Guillen. Jose Reyes is another player who came up, though not by name, as Dombrowski said the team does not have the payroll room for another $20-million player.

Hard-throwing reliever Joel Zumaya is a free agent, and if he were to attend Spring Training with the Tigers it would only be on a minor-league contract.  Also, Delmon Young will not be offered a long-term contract this offseason and will be retained on salary arbitration on a one-year deal as he is eligible for free-agency next season.

Ramon Santiago is wanted back as a utility-infielder, but not seen as an option as the full-time second baseman.  Don Kelly and Brandon Inge are seen as the platoon options at third base next season.

Finally, Brad Penny is not coming back to the team and Jacob Turner has potential to become a member of the starting rotation next season.  Phil Coke will remain in the bullpen and will be the number one left-handed option next year, no starting rotation experiment.

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