Red Wings Will Be Fine

The Detroit Red Wings have lost two straight games after starting the season with five wins. Even though this start reminds us of another local team, (the Lions) the Red Wings have a long way to go in their regular season and a lot more games overall.

The Wings have been outscored 11-2 in the last two games and I can see how that has Mike Babcock worried and angry. Here’s an article from the Detroit Free Press. Also, here is what Babcock had to say about a tough practice today according to the Free Press.

“This should have been an off day,” coach Mike Babcock said. “They should have went for coffee with their wives.”

In my opinion this practice doesn’t scare me but it leads me to believe that the Red Wings will be just as good as ever. After seven games, the Wings should not be having easy days already. I think it is a little to early to be giving NHL players “coffee days” this early on. The Red Wings will only benefit from this tough practice.

Some players who have been playing well for the Red Wings includes forwards Johan Franzen and Valtteri Filppula. Franzen has four goals and seven points on the season while Filppula has two goals and also seven points.

Jimmy Howard is also returning in  the next game. Howard was out to a birth of his newborn son. Congrats to Howard and the Howard family.

The Red Wings next game  is Friday vs. the San Jose Sharks. Look for the Red Wings to come out fired up and ready to play because after all they received a different wake up call, one that didn’t come in a plastic cup from Starbucks.

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