Remembering Dan Wheldon and Ronnie Brown Now a Lion

This past weekend, many crazy, sad, and eventful actions took place. Ranging from NFL coaches trying to fight each other to a huge crash in Indy racing, it was a very emotional weekend in the sporting world.

I’m not the biggest fan of auto racing but I respect it and sometimes watch. Also, I knew who Dan Wheldon was. Wheldon, who passed away after a horrific crash at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on Sunday, was one of Indy Racing up and coming stars.  The 33-year-old driver had won the Indianapolis 500 twice and had won the series championship in 2005.

Here is a quote from Dario Franchitti on what happened from an article on the  USA Today website:

“One minute you’re joking around at driver intros and the next, Dan’s gone,” said Dario Franchitti, whose wife, actress Ashley Judd, had to bring him a box of tissues. “I lost, we lost, a good friend. Everybody in the IndyCar series considered him a friend. He was such a good guy. He was a charmer.”

Even worse was the fact that many people before the race were worried that the track was unsafe.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the Wheldon family.  I heard of his death before I saw the video of the crash and when I finally saw the video, I couldn’t believe that it happened. From what I heard, Wheldon was a great man and a better racer. He was a star in the racing world and this tragic event just goes to show how dangerous and fragile life is, no matter what you do for a living, life could be gone at anytime.

For happier news, the Detroit Lions have acquired Philadelphia Eagles running back Ronnie Brown for Jerome Harrison and a 2013 7th round draft pick, according to many media sources.  The Lions have not announced it yet, but the Eagles website has. I think Brown will fit in well with the Lions and could be a steal if Brown is productive running the ball and making plays the rest of the season.

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