Where’s the Beef?

So the Lions fell from the ranks of the unbeaten yesterday, losing 25-19  to the visiting San Fransisco 49ers.  The fact is the Lions played pretty poorly in all aspects of the game and still had a chance to win on the final possession.

The real fireworks began after the game when Jim Harbaugh came in hot on a post game handshake that included a solid pat on the back to Jim Schwartz.  Now the Schwartz did not appreciate the gesture and had at least a few four letter words for the rookie head coach.

Harbaugh responded to Schwartz and apparently that was not appreciated either as Schwartz chased after and bumped Harbaugh and they began yelling at each other and a fight nearly broke out as the teams left the field.

Now the real question is why did this even happen?  And why is the media so quick to try to blame just one of the men?

Harbaugh was out of line coming to midfield to shake the Schwartz hand while jumping up and down and chest bumping with players.  It’s something he wouldn’t want to see an opposing coach do on his field and shouldn’t be doing himself.  Don’t expect to see a Bill Belichick doing something like that anytime soon.

Schwartz is also to blame by blowing the whole thing out of proportion and chasing after Harbaugh.  As unprofessional as Harbaugh looked jumping around, Schwartz looked just as bad chasing him down the field.

Both coaches have since called the actions ‘regrettable,’ and Schwartz has already talked to the NFL about the matter.  The coaches talked again when cooler heads prevailed and Jim Schwartz says he plans on talking to Harbaugh again soon.

One thing is certain, I found my favorite potential playoff match up this season.

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