Fairley to return for MNF

With all of the buzz in Detroit on Game 5 vs. the Yankees, big news coming from Lions camp today.  ESPN is reporting that according to a source close to the situation 2011 first-round pick Nick Fairley will make his season debut Monday night vs. the Chicago Bears.

Coach Schwartz told the local media that he does not expect Fairley to make a huge contribution on Monday night.

I think when we do get him back, there will be a progression to that… You’re talking about a guy that played in zero preseason games, and you always have a progression with those. We won’t go from zero to 100 without taking some steps along the way.

Even though the Schwartz does not expect big things from Fairley, it doesn’t mean that he can’t have any sort of impact on the game.  The Bears offensive line is a weakness of the team and Jay Cutler has been hit the second most this season, only to Mike Vick who spends his time all over the field.

I see Fairley playing about 10-15 snaps on Monday, mostly as a 3rd down pure pass rusher.  If he can even lay a finger on Jay Cutler, Ford Field will be rocking.

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